Christians who know of God but don’t know Him

A blindfolded man with an angry expression holding a chain to his neck with both hands.
A blindfolded man with an angry expression holding a chain to his neck with both hands.
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I recently came across a post on a Christian group for single women. The author discussed her dating preferences and clothed them with morality.

She felt that ladies who dated like her were upright Christians. Those who did not were, well… immoral and non-Christian. Never mind that the subject matter was more about personal choice rather than sin.

Needless to say, the post was aggravating. It only succeeded in dividing the audience.

It is unfortunate to see hard line stances on some things. I do not believe a Christian going on a lunch date versus a coffee date makes one…

Growing your backbone when your leader does not have one

Coward hiding behind a wall
Coward hiding behind a wall
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Growing up, I never thought that the words coward and leader could belong in the same sentence. It felt like an oxymoron.

I thought that leaders were brave, even when they were full of fear. They had a spine. They were trailblazers who moved people from one level of success to another. When they failed, they still rose again to conquer the next challenge. They lived by a ‘never say die’ approach to business and life.

It was quite a learning experience when I encountered a cowardly leader a couple of years ago. He was soft-spoken and seemed very friendly…

To accord forgiveness and mercy that I receive so freely

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Twenty years ago, my father ran a retail store in a small town. It was a flourishing business. Every evening, he would drop his workers at their homes on his way home with mom.

One fateful night, my dad dropped his manager and was ambushed by thugs. They had followed him from the business. When he made his first stop, they ran out and attacked everyone in dad’s truck. They drew their guns and in a moment that can never be undone, shot my father at close range. The bullet perforated his lungs and he died immediately.

The police searched…

We need to learn from Jesus, the Master of grace and truth

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Some years back, I worked in an organization that required a high moral standing of its employees. It was a Christian organization and every employee was a born-again Christian.

During my tenure there, I observed that certain behaviors seemed to be tolerated and there were no visible consequences for the staff. Whilst junior staff were held to a high standard of truth, the management was not held to those standards and had abused the grace given to them. This bothered me so much that I had to ask my friend for his opinion. He attributed it to the organization culture…

Being single doesn’t have to be boring. It is a season worth savoring. I share 3 lessons that have helped me enjoy the deliciousness of single life.

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In my community, being single makes you sort of an outlier. This is especially for those in their 30s and 40s. I turn 37 in October and I have experienced this ‘segregation’. Most times it is very subtle, but you will still get a few people plummeting you with questions about your single status and the reasons for it.

These few people walk around with a marriage calculator. Their self-appointed role is to measure the difference between my current age and the year I should have been married. …

It is very easy to get into a rut when working from home during this pandemic. As creatures of habit, we were used to certain work and school routines. But this new normal has us working from home, which makes it harder for us to sustain an effective routine.

Here are 6 tips that remind us to take care of ourselves and make this an important routine.

6 tips for self care when working from home: freshen up daily; hydrate; stay active; be productive; balance and good posture
6 tips for self care when working from home: freshen up daily; hydrate; stay active; be productive; balance and good posture

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This month alone, I’ve come across 2 posts on social media alerting the customers of a certain bank to be wary of saving their money there. The authors of both posts warned that money in the bank’s personal accounts was not safe and they encouraged the readers to watch out for any suspicious activity. The unspoken message was, get your money out of the bank or you’ll find some funds missing from your account very soon.

The jist of the warning for me was the rising trend in fraud that is perpetrated by young people in a country whose unemployment…

I traded the life of material things to chase a simple life. To own less is to have more is my new-age mantra for minimalism.

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I first learned about minimalism about one year ago. It was just after I had binged on Tiny House videos on YouTube for a few days. It amazed me how homeowners could sell their house and much of their belongings, purchase a small home, move in, and actually live such a simple, happy life.

Those videos ignited my desire to own less and live a simple life. No frills. No huge debt and mortgage breaking…

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